YOU-ME project

Young Migrant Entrepreneurs

Europe is facing an unprecedented number of asylum seekers and refugees: in 2015, up to more than one million asylum applications have been recorded. An estimated 450.000 people have been granted refugee or similar status, more than in any previous European refugee crisis since World War II.

The project aims at providing information, training and support to a selected number of migrants, especially the young ones coming from war-torn countries, in order to help them establishing their own business.

This is a pilot project, designed to test the feasibility of a new approach. The relevance of the project is the support for the newly arrived migrants for the prosecution of their business activity and the teaching of new skills. The project will also create a network among the groups active in every country, so that new business possibilities can be created during and after the training period.

The project idea is to share, calibrate and adapt the best practices and services that each partner already implement, modelising a new approach/set of tools, with high European added value and replicable, and testing them. The test will be done at European level (about 60 people in 3 countries: Italy, Germany and Spain) and 30 people in one country (Sweden) as control group, who will benefit of already existing standard measures.

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project activities

Set up of the self-assessment system (about 100 questions).

Launch of integrated raising awareness campaigns within migrant communities

Evaluation of skills and recruitment of potential migrant entrepreneurs for the piloting test

Set up of the online training course and its translation into the main languages spoken by migrants

Implementation of the flipped classroom system

Set up of a training platform for “intercultural mentors” and translation of the contents

Identification/selection of possible mentors

Provision of training to the newly recruited mentors

Implementation of mentorship