Testimonials are successful entrepreneurs with a migration background. The testimonials selected will be involved in the recording of video about their entrepreneurial experience and will be embedded into the online training system as role model.

Entrepreneurs with a migration history will be selected as role models in order to make the communication campaigns more relevant for the target group and to better communicate with members of migrant communities.



Testimonial List

Sweden (IFALL)

Benny Tam, Laos

Ibrahim Saran, Turkey

Khaled Haji Osman, Syria


Italy (CNA in cooperation with FORMA CAMERA)

Indra Perera, Laos

Solomon Tesfai Sambini, Eritrea
Accommodation services

Margarita Perea Sanchez, Colombia
Tailoring craftmanship

Sofia Ramirez Fionda, Argentina
Communication services



Hao Le Tan, Vietnam

Cecilia Fernández Cruz, Peru
Clothes mending

Leïla Bouha, Morocco
Beauty centre: hammam

Priscila Souza, Brazil
Nutrition and dietetics services

Germany (KOMPASS)

Ryan Dagmach, Syria
Management / Consulting

Michael Wahab, Afghan
Crowd Funding

Mansur Scharifi, Afghan
Telecommunication and IT service

Carlos González, Columbia